Wednesday, July 15, 2009

everything went down

"because even if i know your lying i still know your telling the truth."- unknown
im glad so many cared but you know something

im not a model i dont try to be so its freedom

given to me to not be perfect ALL the time

i have started doing things i think arent good

but i think its what i would want i have turned over

to the "dark side" im not kidding some know what i mean

i can't stop its hard ot once you started its ongoing

i think i dont need ot be perfect and look perfect and NEED perfection

but thats what photos are for to show the unperfect things

things that were ugly and make it inot somehting wonderful

and thas what i try soemtimes not being beautiful and THE perfect look

everytime. i think that the most imperfect way of looking perfect is perfection

well i know this is confuzzling... i am now back and ready to go with camera

in hand and my imperfect star's in the other now lets hear it for an imperfect self

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