Thursday, July 23, 2009

mermaids are all around

these are beautiful creatures. i sometimes wonder if i can ever be as beautiful as they are. as graceful as they are but when it all comes down too it i know i will never be better than them. i'm a monster in the mirror and those ponds i sometimes walk by them and look into them and all i see is a faceless monster with nothing to hold me back from death. feeling a chilly wind as i hold my black trench against my spineless body. imagining that this place im standing on is really a hillside near the oceans edge from atop i will jump to my death and have myself lie under for im no mermaid. im a nothing with out grace and beauty. they are such harmless creatures who live among us. but we hide the thought of it. i take in an ocean breeze and i will whisper quietly to them my darkest secrets hoping someone will save me. but no one ever does. i write small notes on trees truck in the oceans forest near by and hope someone sees them. no one ever answers them. mermaids can lure anyone with a single stare. but not me. for i am no mermaid just a harmless creature lost at sea.

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  1. Everyone has something that they feel makes them the most hideous person alive. I know you probably won't believe me, but I also hate my reflection. Not because of physical appearance, but because of all the lies and knowing I've hurt people and I cannot undo it. I hate myself because of who I am not just because of what I look like. You have to find someway to handle what you look like. I find that being skinny is rather gross and I;m only this way because I barely eat. It's unhealthy and I see sickness when I look in the mirror. Being skinny doesn't make you pretty. I'm skinny and not very many people think I'm pretty, it's all about who you are and you aren't ugly.