Monday, June 22, 2009

come and see my hands

bones cracked on skin bruised
hair laid on street grass floors
wrists bruised and pained
memories scattered on wood paths

awakend a raccon eyed girl looked into the puddle
her black umbrella tumbled down next to her
black water, dirt filled, full of sorrows, emotions
pulling out her arms from underneath her black coat.

come and see her hands see pale hands painted like a canvas
bruised and burned soaked and churned of memories
pain and scars paint her hands like a canvas in the sky
crows come to see her pain awaiting her death to pick at

bones found underground next to the puddle that never dried
umbrella bones found on the side of the puddles pathway
urban decay of bones and leaves and umbrellas and crows
black coats, umbrellas, boots, feathers of memories scattered

her bruised laced hands tied to her past to the attic's ceiling...

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