Monday, June 22, 2009

let it go

thin i am not beautiful i am not smart somethings dont change for me. sometimes you see these girls you have known and theya re beautiful thin loved have so much to not be scared of.

me im just me. i wake up to look in the mirror and notice that i am not them no matter how hard i stare at the fucking mirror i end up just being me. nothing intresting.

my hair its dull and big. my skin is scared and ugly. my eyes are lifeless and dark. my body is big and round. my life is nothing and has a story. me, im just me and no one else.

we need to learn who we are. we need to be accepted by society but i thought now today at 11:32 pm that really we accept ourselves into our selves.

when i learn to accept myself others will too. why is it so hard for me to love myself. i write on words over words to show people my feelings.

feelings of me wanting to be accepted but i noticed those words three years from now won't matter. i will. when im accepted.

one day we all just let go. i let go of my past and left it all out in the open to become vulnerable. all i wanted was to be accepted i think i just did.

one day you will let go of your past move on and scream your until you can't any more and then thats when you say. im letting go. your done and moved on you left your old home and migrated to the better place in your head. finally i let it go.

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