Wednesday, June 10, 2009

delicate stains

delicate hands mend broken bones
delicate hearts break stones
delicate minds fall apart from oceans tides
while feet dance in time to the rhythms delicate beats

i saw my heart fall to the ground into my hands
while the wind came dancing with my hair
holding my salty ocean tears back as long as i could
my mind was weak as clouds breaking down my nervous system
the body of mine broke in half as i lay there broken nothing more

long, lurid, shapeless shadows formed around
soft sounds of birds bones breaking to pieces
turned to rivers of sand carried and thrown upon me
soft as silk warm as sun cold as night tough as like the moon

my bones ivory in color break
my heart crimson red broken
my mind dead and useless
my body pale frail gone thin
i was broken unfixable stupid
but knowing all this one thing
i wished was true was that

i could be delicately told "i was loved as much by you".....

corinah sharpova

i guess promises are meant to be broken and love is untrue, but i only wished that one time in their life they could say "i loved you too"
one day im going to kill myself when i am not so weak minded im not kidding this is something i wish i could do now
NOONE cares about me anyways i know this for a fact being kicked around thrown out and beat down till i belived it took it in
that i am not loved
i am useless
i am nothing but dust in the wind
i am one less person they could notice was one
and never care what they thought
one day i'm going to kill myself in front of them so they can see me for one last time before i die and this way i wont get married and have a family
i wont have a job and i know this will be what they want the most is that they wont have me in their way anymore and people can for once just ONCE be free from me.

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