Sunday, June 14, 2009

hearts gone cold

and we were getting older
the nights became colder
i sat upon my bed staring at the stars at the stars holding onto the leaves i had collected from the gift giver then i saw you come near me in my thoughts rest a kiss upon my cheek
only to notice i really don't feel anything for you anymore. i sat near the bushes a couple nights ago and noticed i had a flat mind never really thinking about myself as a person. i noticed everyone round me dosent really want tot see me so upset all the time and i decided it was time for a small change when i decided to move on from my horrid horrid horrid past and sow the world something better of myself.

she is my new model and she is somehting i would not change for another for in the world she is anne ad she is a super silly and awsomness :D

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