Friday, August 21, 2009

born into brothels

one of those sad movies you see and i think its amazing that zana came into show them to see the world through a lens. the little children in prostitution lines makes me want to cry from how upset i have gotten watching it. i don't think i could see kids like this and not help them. i always wanted to help those children. they have hopes and dreams just like us but no they don't get that chance. one girl said sometimes she wonders what her life would be like if she lived somewhere else how she could become something of herself. then they would get told by other adulets calling them b---h, c--t, f--kers. i mean how do they live like this i don't know i always valued soemthing of those women and children who lived in places soo dirty but try to make the best of it. the children when zna came in started to teach them how to use the camera gave them classes an outlet. its in indian sooo i hope you can read english well so you can understand the subs in there. im soo happy zana is helping these kids giving them something to show others through what they see that many don't. its sad though so brace yourself i cried for the sadder parts. like one kid was chained to the post of a window or soemthing if some of those mothers or sister would have not saved the younger ones in families that are girls their father don't even care and they would SELL their own daughter f--k thats gross! one day i hope those kids get soemthing to make of themselves theyd eserve to be somewhere better : (

just watch it if you get a chance its amazing and sad to see things that go on that we never get a chance to see all the time.

im not good at little biographies and shiz so just trust me its good!

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