Wednesday, August 19, 2009

you never know what being a kid is until your walking 3 miles from home in white socks
with your vodka in hand. laughing like a mad man. looking up into the sky to catch snowflakes on your warm tonugue. of chocking on air with a fit of hysteria wind blown hair .
how can you not remember about 'us'?
how did she forget? how could she? she and i promised we would be together forever now shes gone my one and only sister is gone into a new home. shes not coming back this time i know she won't. Anne i miss you come home please i want to be sisters again like when we roamed in our little white socks looking for frogs to catch and kiss to make into princes for us to be able to live our dreams. don't you remember?
'Anne when you leave will you remember me?'
'how can i not Corinah your my sister of course I'm going to visit you and mama and papa'
'how old will you be?'
'i don't know maybe twelve?'
'oh that's a long time right?'
'i think so'
she forgot about me and shes not coming back
shes not going to come back i miss her mama make her come back
she forgot how we used to hide under the covers when we had to share secrets.
how we shared cake faces each birthday we had.
when i cried she used to always be the one there
now she left me and she snot coming back she has her new home what did i do wrong and i think i cannot go on alone.

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