Friday, November 20, 2009

journal twentyeight

the winter is near. i spoke with a chill on my breath. simply i awoke cold with frostbite already holding on to my lips skinny skinned body. the lacy caps on my shoulders were swiftly pressed tightly by my small frail bone for hands. i looked at the window noticed that i had a small note left on the side of it. a text written sweetly: where are you now when the sun rises above the trees i saw you under. come forth with me so we can go away together i want to see you near the swings we played on when younger. hold your breath till the ends of time with me so we could die together. lets be those stupid young kids we were with peanut butter collapsing on our teeth lips. i miss you. i smiled to know he wrote me things that speak sweetly only from him him only. outside my window i saw the trees grew crooked this year. pale colors shown as the deer came to find their missed upon flesh of trees. i sat upon the bed watching the dust curl by the window sill i saw the bits of snow drop down. the temperature its dropping my dear sweet love. i put a mouthful of jacket around the wrists of my skinny arms tights of gold pixie dust around the legs that could disperse from nothing there at all small knit gloves on hands a small french hat sat on top of head in red color it shown. the wind it blows hard on the neck of mine the hair stood gently. i shiver deeply. underneath the tree i sit pouring water. i hear the voice of a boy who smiles gently with a wisp for hair. he hold my hands sweetly giving me a kiss upon my cheeks i watched him remove his sweater of grey hand it to me i shivered even though i told him he needed my jacket he refused he said he would be willing to bite with frost for me for i am his queen. i blushed so red rose he watches me hide my face in his body. we sat down on the cold wet ground to whisper secrets of love lustfilled nights of winds creak where the rivers flow towards the north instead of south. i asked him if he knew about trees he said why do you ask and i responded did you know they are people like us he looked at me petting my hair away from my face asked me explain love. i told him mama had said to me once when i was twelve i was a bad tree i was a crooked one. but like trees we can correct ourselves. a tree grew crooked all its life never changing for anything he led a life of misery death there was another tree next to him they were friends he did the same until one day he said i want to change i want tot be like the other beauties among me. he corrected himself soon he began to bear sweet apples of red apple blossoms fell from he tree each spring. he one day became more beautiful. his friend had become nothing but a stump. i told him humans we grow wrong but when we find someone r soemthing we change if we want to. we all have a chance to change. i looked back to see him smile at my thought. then im glad i found you. i said simply. i loved you either way. we ran to the small pathway behind his home. we ran far until neither one of us could then upon the chance we collapsed to watch the high tide of the oceans drops come collapse upon us.

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