Wednesday, November 11, 2009

journal twentysix
in the background. i hear the music playing his piano gently touched sensual sounds come unspoken and undone. it sings its tunes so emotionally tears want to stream like rivers but they stay put. asleep laid a tiny girl. she awakes from the sounds being played. the house filled with halls rooms secret corridors. she follows the sounds to the west wing watching from behind a the gold crested walls. the tall boy stops to turn their eyes met once only to have him stand to move towards her. extended his arms to her. they collided like wind does with water to form something beautiful. he was a tall scrawny black roughed hair boy she was prim proper freckled girl. both beautiful in their own way. they were different he asked her to sit she did as though she had been told by the people who had brought her here. he laid his cold finger tips against her arms following them down to place them on her hands. he asked her. if she ever played music before. she nodded the rested her head against the pianos walls she asked him to play her something gentle. as he did the music came out note by note until he had hit the seventh moment in to play a rougher tune as dramatic as the sounds of winds gliding across the grass fields that surrounded his home. he was the child of the school teacher. the girl looked up to notice his hands shake his head suddenly turn to a man not to different from him. come forth into the sunlit room that we had sat in. the room was lit by the suns warm rays running past the windows skin yet we were cold pale creatures wrapped in blankets of dense aires. asked him to go the room of dance. moving to the door there was a slight pause in time for just that moment he turns to see the young girl still laying her head against the piano smiles turns leaves her there. her body densely wrapped in black suits of thin for shoulders straps white coloress tights small shoes wrapped her feet pink in color. she played a tune of her own as she waited for the boy to come but he never did. she still waited until dusk had risen from its slumber. tears streamed down her cheek bones for face pale grey eyes met blue. the girl moved away from him asked why he never came back after he had gone for so long. he replied with only a mere apology whispered into the corridor as it echoed. the thin boy walked to meet her hand as it left the room. told her to stay. he asked if she'd dance with him. she turns to only stare at the rooms quiet lustless filled dull shine. he returns to his piano to sit. he begins to play asks her to dance with him. she begins her dance around the room with pianos playing the deep tunes so slowly to hear someone so dark cold lovely play such deeply known tunes from the heart was an honour to dance to. the music had stopped for only mere minutes for the boy had turned to stare at her closely their bodies only inches away moving to the moonlit widowed wood floor they sat closely. she mentions she was cold tired hungry he only kissed her face along the cheeks bones to follow to her lips gently. nights like these he said he i would miss you most i watched you walk these halls of my home but we never spoke why. his arms tightened around her body he laid his head against her hair. she spoke words simply of dance to her explanation around the truth. they stood in silence the dust had followed to cover the area they had been in like snow dusted against the outside. she turns to mention why he never spoke to her he only looked down upon her. i was scared to know you would not love me the way i do you your words so sweet hand landed upon my ears they frightened me to know you were nothing like me i only wish to please you but your the perfect essence of flowers that only hung so beautifully form the ceilings dancers of dust who gently would sit upon perfect boys. im still scared to hold you now but i love you to let you go. would you say you love me. she let the words of her own linger for a bit until the clock stroke one. she had mentioned she had been cold tired once more laid upon his chest the arms who had wrapped her took her through the quiet creaked halls up the wood railed stairs. to the musics wing. gave her a bed of his. laid her softly kissed her goodnight as he let her sleep he laid next to her. to keep her warm. morning had sunk in he had watched her awake with the sunrise her grey eyes gently flutter open still he laid closer he went until his words spoke i made sure you were safe warm untired will you love me like i do you. the sound of silence was unbearable her mouth opened only to speak of small fragile words. there were things i wish to have said to you of love you brought to my ears with your sad words we never spoke i wished to only think you would love me the way you do. i want to be the one who makes you happy let me lay still here with you until the time pulls me away like ocean tides from the sands of shores. i loved you the way you love me now we can be lets stay like this forever more. the door is knocked upon lightly. a woman walks in to mention 'tea time' the time felt slowly passed. i wish to never have this moment be forgotten. i recall it everyday i dance i hear pianos play. the claps are sounded. the curtains close. a tall scrawny black rough haired blue eyed boy stands to kiss the tiny pale freckled grey eyed girl. as roses were tossed upon the stage he picked up the red roses to hand her one with the same cold hands.

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