Saturday, September 5, 2009

journal five
i gasped for air in the lights narrow time lapse called night fall
maddie sat dipping her toes in the water from across the floor
i came about to figure she was not going to try it with me so i gave up.
naked bodies laid next to eachother wrapped in blankets soft as feathers
felt warm against our wet skins maddies stomach growled as well
i picked up a small flower to give to her so she coudl eat it then again
she knew not to eat it i was only twelve and no school edication has been
available for me.
maddie sat next to the door holding herself in a knot wound up around
she was watchingt he bugs crawl by making a marshmellow trail for them
they followed the orders she jsut st there then picked one up and let it dance about
her arm while she giggled at its movements as if it were funny i never thought so.
maddie had big almond eyes blue in color red hair pale skin freckles all about her face and shoulders i was quite the opposite from her i was darker had no freckles had crooked teeth had black eyes with no emotion short brown hair i looked like no one in particular she reminded me of stars for the oddest reason she always had that way of reminding me of the sky full with stars.
one night she went for a walk without me told me to calm down she would be back the hours passed i looked at the clock now it was one in the morning maddie never came home i never slept that night i felt to bad intuition something had happened i put on the first pieces of clothes i saw and walked out the front door to the lake we were at shes always there when we are apart.
horror filled my heart she was floating near the edge there was red waters everywhere
screams heard from around the grounds and forset shapes looked different they looked
uncaring forming shapeless forms of blobs youc all trees i felt dizzy she was gone from me.
crimson stains
her clothes gone off in another direction tape on her mouths and eyes she was dead
nothing but floating about i walked into the river having the need to drag her out by force
i was left to cry alone while she died a painful death she spit up blood air and water.
told me to be strong told me to be careful told me she only wanted to feel the cold wind
she told me lastly from her gasps of breaths she was in pain in pain she was as she whispered.
i loved dear sister.

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