Friday, September 4, 2009

journal three
short breaths smooth lines long halls beep beep
the walls a jungle of flowers and leaves branches
peeling from the odor creeping through corners
sounds emitted from the white decor screams for breaths.
vapor escapes mouths mormons walk the halls pale
wheel chairs turned over on soiled floors of colors
blooded trails lead to the execution rooms down the hall
to your next right past the two big blue doors of crimson shapes
the only person making beds of an anoretic who died two days ago.
little girl with lukemia hanging herself on the ceiling of the lobby
mary janes falling off her feet flickering lights broken desks beep beep
papers of the patients lied flat some burned down to the ground with edges gone
sketchings on the back walls of doors and books and peoples back
one step behind i see little dresses of girls thrown about.
beep beep the fake water fall making sounds cshhk alooking at the bed
thought to myself. about who was here before me why did they die how
hospitals are a deathly places cold lurid peeling walls dead flowers in pots
blood trails. dark thoughts chilled breathes come out as if ones been locked in a freezer. csshhkkk says the water flick does the light beep still goes the heart rate until gone into a straight line of no railed thought.
hospitals are my only happy thoughts.

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