Thursday, September 24, 2009

journal ten
i guess. if i were to have died no one would care why would they even look twice for me. they won't. i sat perched on the roof top while i waited for the sun to come up drenched in blankets of azure color moments like these i would live for. fog drifted making not but a hush sound of noises so sweet. the cricket played their ending songs while winds clapped their bedtime symphony. hot chocolate dripped upon my lips. voices so sweet called upon me 'little girl little girl what is your name'. i stopped to think with the look of uncertainty i gave not but a small reply before the silence 'leslie....i guess' i looked down upon the cup with marshmellows sinking like those of ships at sea. nose dripping i wiped away its tears of the cold. cheeks tinted those of a rose so delicatly sweet. i lacked color in sight. with the wind there to keep me cold i let the blankets roll off. the sunset hit many things right. with a grand entrance of holiday cheers it rose up from down under with colors of yellow orange pink purple explosions of bombs going off in the far air. rush of blood to the head i had begun to feel small drips on the back of the ribbon like hair golden brown. tuffs of leaves covered me. sweaters of black color sleeves longer than i cold hold to. down the dreams i had fell. into the rabbits hole. masks covered the lights. my heart broke at their seems. then with a reply of 'little girl little girl your going to sleep heavy with very much sweet dreams' blood dripped from lips. lovely delicate laced bones tied together wrapped in leaves with veins showing in every which way. then a reply so small only her thoughts would here it 'i could have now died happily' a smile crept upon her face as the fog began the dispersments without monologue of words. howled. kicked. held the small dense thoughts together in the small scrapbook. bound by tree's limbs the old worn houses wooden logs. the dead birds bones scripted the words while the black cats purred to sit along next to her while she slept alone.

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