Monday, October 19, 2009

journal seventeen
the night had been colder than most. walking home from work i enjoyed the most. the snow covered lightly upon the sidewalks on top of cars on the tips of trees the roofs. i pulled out a cigarette from my pocket. tried to light it with gloved hands. i stopped by a small out house that had a stench so thick it made me choke on the dead air particles. i lit and walked on. the horizon lights were beautiful tonight the colors blended well the bokeh caused reminded me that of a camera. my cheeks stained themselves rose i could see my breathe in the air when i blew like smoke from a chimney rusty color the charcoal feel to the stones on the inner lids. i sat down for while blowing into the palms of my gloved hands the scarf around my neck froze with touches of the tense feel from the air. this is where me and papa used to come to. until he died. he had an accident with another car. mama walked out on me she never cared about me to begin with. papa he cared he always hugged me kissed me goodnight good morning. he always knew how to make me feel better with one word. i miss him i only wish god would not have taken him away from me. sometimes i flick god off just so he knows how i feel about his fucked up bullshit game. i live with a foster care family. they are nice people i ran away tonight im getting out of this town it has to much i can not will not hold onto any longer. my cheeks burned from the cold my bag sat along the stone wall i had laid myself upon. papa always told me he wanted to see me graduate i promised him i would but i lost hope i don't belong here papa would have been disappointed. i had been under construction with my emotions. the snow began to fall slowly dancing its way onto its bed. i blew into the air. making puff balls i used to tell papa i was a dragon i had fire breathe when i grew older i said i was a smoker he would always correct me as that was wrong. i used to be held onto when the winter carnival was here for a two days before leaving i would ride the ferris wheel. then there it was i heard the music all over again the moments the creaks taps squeaks. i wanted to smile again. i sat there in the silence i could hear the wind making brush noises on the winter wool jacket i had on. my long hair had got caught in the winds playfulness. i cried when i lit the cigarette making me drop it. i yelled i kicked i cursed i asked god why me why does this bullshit happen to me. our hearts are made in glass cages it makes us vulnerable to harm we might act like we are all strong we all lie. i would imagine its all bullshit. the reason i cry is because i am loosing this battle. i lost. i want to forget. i burned the notes i had made all four hundred and fifty seven of them their ashes i let roam free for all to see. they were what made me un-pure what made me feel the guilt i did i let them go. i should have said to him what i wanted him to remember the reason he had the accident was my fault. all of it was. if i had only been there we could have died together. instead i was smoking in the back alley we had. if only i had told him how much i loved him. i went to his grave a few days ago to tell him how much i loved him. thinking back on these i went the other way back to town before hand i took the cigarette packs out of my bag threw them down the bridges water fall into the river. waved goodbye walked. papa im going to change for you. im sorry.

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