Friday, October 2, 2009

journal eleven
i never reallya sked why the sky was blue. why the grass grew green. why my mama never really loved me. why my papa beat me. i just took it. i knew it was true the way things were. tonight was going to be alright for me. when sitting upon the wondow sill the clouds looked so peaceful. the sky reminded me of the daylight sunsets without the sun. the moon looked beautifully calm to me. kisses upon my cheek of rosey red color came from the wind who creeped along side the open curtains. that when touched had rough lace with soft colors of pink. wishing for things to be this way forever but forever is never going to happen. sometimes i wanted to question the possibilities of life but i saw no point it as i would only get it taken back into my throat's voice box. my nose turned rosey red. the leaves turned old crusty and colored them selves rust. the creeks of the house muttered and turned in its restless i began to drift for the bed sheets. paper cranes hung delicately from the top of my ceiling each in the pure color of white. for every mistake i made that had altered my life i would change take one down and make another one in the color of black and in white letters i would inscribe what i had done wrong to never forget what i had done so wrong. then if i can fix it i would take the black one down and make a new one white again. only to remind myself i still have hope of something good inside me. this morning came too crisp too thin the fog had created a crease in the surrounding areas it's deeply cold shivers followed down the road. did i mention the cemetery next door. i don't think i did. but it not important its only that someone i knew a long time ago had died of leukemia. my mama's friend. she had been struggling with it for years. i never put mind to it but one day as i was sitting next to her i had began to walk around the room (so carelessly that one bird remains black for the rest of my life) the cord to her breathing supply had been near the floor. i guess i was fine to see what was to happen next. the cord had been near the foot of the bed i only stood to stare at her pale skin. the clocks ticking noise was bothersome. i hated analog clocks as much as i hated analog cameras. then as i backed away i had stepped on the cord unplugging it from the wall. thats when she gasped for air Like the fishes do when they are near death. she screamed in silence calling out to me to help her breathe again. and i walked out. she died that night after they had tried to help her keep breathing. its nights like these where the nights had never felt colder. the one black bird that i make to set upon her grave next door. i wrote the same message on each one. "death is a hollow goodbye. but the devil will remain to sleep by your side." with that i took the breathe so calm continued to walk down the path of gravel and rich red dirt. rosey red cheeks gloved hands jacket body wool hat. the leaves looked mighty fine this year. the same ones i saw the night before. then a smirk arose upon my lips. the small thought of sweet dreams. farewell. goodnight.

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