Tuesday, October 6, 2009

journal thireen
im sorry. im going to let my tears run.
im forgiven. because i have given in.
im alone. only because i choose ot say so.
im left behind. all because i asked to not be picked up.
im dirty. but i know it won't change anymore.
im talented. because i practiced too hard to back out.

i won't be the last one standing. i know so.
i won't have the strength to keep going. so what.
i won't be able. i need you to be there.
i won't hold a heavy heart. there was no point.
i won't see you. only because i had lost faith in your reality.
i won't reach goals. ima failure people told me so.

i will take your hand. i know your going to help me out.
i will forive others. mama taught me to do so.
i will trancend. papa told me i am the star of this show.
i will remind myself that you are now gone but i can make this.
i will remain clean. only becuase i know its what you taught me i should do.
i will love. you forever and always because you both taught me this so well.

i can do this. i only need short breathes before moving.
i can be free. whereever there is a light spirited wind to carry me.
i can hold onto nothing. because i know your going to think about it later and want it back.
i can grow older. i wont die for stupid reasons i can go on for you and only you.
i can see. the world or what it truly is an inspiring ground for one to roam open minded.
i can. i can do this because you have taught me well about this world i can make it through alone.
but you you never let me go.

thank you

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