Thursday, October 29, 2009

journal twenty two

you told me we could run away together. i waited for your call near the window as you had asked me too. you never came the mornings wind fallen crisp air of painted colors stacked neatly on the shelves of orange blue purple red pink. i had left the suitcases ready at the back end of the house. i waited purely to fascinate myself with thoughts of you until then i sat. it was not long until i heard footsteps near the door of my bedroom i jumped to the bed wrapping the inch of my body's cradled by the sheets the footsteps got closer to me. my mother had looked down upon my face of porcelain dotted with small freckles of delight. my eyes were shut tightly until she left. the books i had read with you lied around the beds edges. i waited but you never came. the night fall had come sooner than i would think but now. i am in search of a home of that with you. where did you go alone. i miss your being here. come home to me.